Distribution of

gift cards and vouchers

we automate the distribution of your gift cards in compliance with the 2016/1065 EU Directive.


to distribute your gift cards to the best program managers that really generate volume and customer acquisition

Unified API

No IT effort to join a network of resellers, welfare & incentives programs already connected to us.


We produce the financial flows, invoices, and payment records in compliance with the EU Regulation. 


Physical or digital cards that are accepted instore or online.


We structure the business data and share it to enrich the program.


large retailers

That partner with us to distribute their gift cards

ADEO group

Entrusts the distribution of their digital gift cards to Ogloba SRL

Ogloba SRL sells gift cards for entities within the Adeo Group, including Leroy Merlin, the French people's favorite brand and leader in the DIY market.


Ogloba SRL is adding Auchan gift cards to its catalog.

Several B2B partners and program managers connect to the Ogloba SRL platform to source digital gift cards for their loyalty programs or to distribute URSSAF benefits to their members.

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Our company relies on the cutting-edge technology of Ogloba Limited, a global leader in the issuance of prepaid cards operating in over 50 countries worldwide. 

With over 100 clients, rewards program managers, and affinity groups in our network, you can trust us to deliver your gift cards and vouchers to the right audience.


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